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IVA and the Affordable Debt Help It Provides

June 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 168

IVA or the individual voluntary arrangement is a legal arrangement between two parties i.e. the debtor and the creditor. It is quite a new and modern alternative to the concept of bankruptcy. It is now a common practice for people to file bankruptcy so that they think they can get out of the burdens of debts. However, this is not the case. Bankruptcy can put a bad effect on your credit history and can lead to bad credit score for straight 10 years.

You can only take a little benefit from filing a bankruptcy if you have taken secured loans and the bankruptcy discharge can help you get any of your collateral based assets back. In comparison to that, IVA is an alternative that can get you out of such sticky spots.

What is an IVA?

An IVA is a legal document that lasts for almost 5 years and then after this period the debtors will be free from the burdens of debts. IVA was introduced in the late 1980's but has now become popular in the recent years due to the high filing of bankruptcy rates in the market of debtors.

To start with, all those debtors who think that bankruptcy is the only option should open up their thinking and should start to think out of the box. This means that they have to be proactive about their approach towards solving debt issues. Here IVA helps. An IVA is suited to debtors who can pay the newly defined low payment installments to creditors through either financial help from relatives or the discretionary income that is left with them after they have expensed out on their needs.

Debt help

IVA helps to define the amount of payments for the debtors, so that they can pay the amounts out of their pockets. The default rate of interest is also lowered down to the nominal rate, which can be paid by the debtors. Because this is a legal arrangement, the creditors cannot bug you with extra payments or rates of interest.

The debt management companies provide an IVA. These companies not only provide this arrangement but also give out options like the debt management pans and the debt negotiation plans. Such alternatives to bankruptcy are cheaper in rates and fee, and can be availed without getting the credit history effected. However, if you already have availed any of the options in last 6 years, you cannot avail them again before 6 years time.

How to look for help

If you want to find in details against the options described above, you can contact an accountant in bankruptcy or the counselors and lawyers that deal in the subject. They will all guide you in this regard. Apart from that, you can take online help from the blogs and the forums on which people upload the information and the experiences they had while they availed any option out of the above.

User review sections on many blogs and portals also help you with the decision-making on how to avoid the bankruptcy concept and still get out of debt issues through the most feasible bankruptcy alternative of all.

Najeen Zahoor is a professional writer in the field of finance. If you are looking for tips on how to take care of your financial health, you can contact her at

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