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How Stretching Exercises Could Help Relieve Sciatica Pain

April 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 483

Patients suffering from back pain (sciatica nerve pain) are commonly faced with two dilemmas. Not only do they have to find a way to get rid of the pain but also need to minimize the number of times such pain occurs in their body. Hence, it is important that occurrence of sciatica nerve pain is minimized in order to enjoy a pain free life.

So the Question would be

"How do we get rid of Sciatica Pain effectively"?

Some doctors seem to be of a viewpoint that surgical procedures are the most efficient way in dealing with such pain and provides long lasting effects. However what they fail to understand the fact that such procedures might not be affordable to all. So the million dollar question would be to find a way that would help people from different walks of life in devising a sustainable solution to the problem.

When a patient suffers from back pain, it may be vital to diagnose the factors causing such pain in the back. Proper diagnosis of this problem would enable patients to have treatments in accordance. Like say for example Piriformis muscle is located closer to the sciatica nerve and any reaction amongst themselves may cause back pain. Hence it is very important to have proper diagnostics done before going for a certain treatment.

Piriformis muscle

Piriformis muscle is located in the hip region of the human body and lies close of the sciatica nerve which goes from hip region down the toes. Any problem with this muscle may have an impact on the sciatica nerve which in turn gives aches in the back. Hence it may be vital to determine the main cause of the sciatica pain and then devising a possible solution to the problem. Any reaction from the Piriformis muscle may create a troublesome environment in the human body. Lack of inflexibility in the muscle may be one of the factors by which Piriformis muscle might react with the sciatic nerve. In circumstances where Piriformis muscle does not go along well with the sciatica nerve, patients are advised various solutions. Stretching exercises seems the most approachable as it does not involve patients spending thousands of dollars to cure back pain. Consider below some of the stretching exercises which may help in this regard.

There could be more sciatica exercises (like acupuncture or home exercises) which can definitely hep you in treatment for sciatica.

Tom Elkins has been doing research in treatment for sciatica. You can find his further research at: Treatment for Sciatica

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