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Protecting the Important Documents of Your Life

June 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 179

What is an important document? It could be something as simple as a letter or a complicated as a deed. Important documents have different definitions for all of us. They are not just things that are written in legalese. They can be anything that provides guidance, direction, certification, etc. about us.

However we define them, important documents are often requested or needed to validate some vital aspect of our lives. We may need to produce a marriage certificate, deed, contract, certificate of deposit, proof of military service such as a DD-214 form, and a host of other documents. How about birth a certificate, Will, Advanced Medical Directive, Power of Attorney, or insurance policy? Do you know where the titles to your car, boat, or motorcycle, are located? Are your most important things scatted and stored everywhere?

You may safeguard your most important information in the glove box of your car, a file cabinet, in a box under your bed, in your desk, in a carry bag, safe deposit box, or a host of other places. These storage places and mediums are typical for all of us. And yet, the demand to retrieve and use these items may come about as the result of an emergency in which the timeliness of retrieving a record or document can be life altering.

A fundamental premise of the way in which we manage our most important records is that they are usually scattered among several storage methods and locations. Records that are no longer viable are often intermingled with those that are the most useful and vital for us today. Our favorite nook may be unknown to others who may search in vain for its location or there may be no awareness whatsoever that your trove of vital records is stored in a place known only to you.

Your most important records and documents are most likely everywhere. And the result of your disorganization is that you or someone acting for you will ultimately expend a lot of time, effort and expense attempting to pull this information together at a time when things need to be immediately available.

The solution, of course, is to utilize tools that will help define what your most important documents are and where they are located. On principle, think about consolidation of your records. If doing so is problematic, at the least make an effort to identify where your important records are located. Consider the undeniable fact that at some point, someone you love and trust will be called upon to act for you. They will, in all probability, become mired in a thicket of information about you that will need to be reviewed and vetted so that the important things are discovered and can be acted upon.

Don't relegate a lifetime of effort to the chance that your most important documents and information may never be found. Get organized. Be thoughtful. Be kind to yourself and to others acting for you by identifying and organizing your most important information so that when it is needed, it will be available at a moment's notice.

Record Tree personal information software was designed to take the guesswork out of organizing your most important documents. The software will guide you through the process of identifying all of your records. It provides customized templates that allow you to capture essential information for each of your documents. Record Tree links your document information to a physical location so that all your information can be found quickly. Record Tree is encrypted software that operates on your computer without tie-in to an external data source. For more information on how Record Tree software can be a vital link to the security of your most important information, visit our web site at Record Tree | Important Documents

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