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Everything You Need to Know About Belle Baby Carriers

April 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 142

The Belle baby carrier is a unique soft structured baby carrier that is becoming more and more popular as a result of sightings on celebrities like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and Julia Roberts. Formulated by leaders in the hiking industry, Belle Carriers are often likened to high-end climbing equipment since they are constructed of similar materials and utilize the same weight distribution concepts. (And since caring for babies is pretty comparable to scaling a mountain some days!)

There is a lot to like about the Belle line of baby carriers. These front-style buckle carriers can hold children from 8-30lbs and are available in 10 stylish colors and designs. The simple design of the Belle flatters both women and men, the fluffy fleece lining is pleasant and calming for little ones, and the straightforward buckle system is a breeze to use. The crisscross strap design and independent hip belt construction help relocate the weight of the baby from the wearer's shoulders and neck down to the lower body, therefore drastically lessening neck and back overload. (This is the technology that enables hikers to carry 50lb+ packs for hours at a time.) Every Belle carrier is constructed in the USA using environmentally-conscious practices, can be washed in any household washer, and includes a removable sleeping hood and easy to read instruction booklet. In addition, features like a lightly padded seat area and shoulder straps make the Belle baby carrier a simultaneously pleasurable experience for both baby and parent! It's no surprise Belle's were recently selected as one of's Best Baby Carriers of 2011.

Belle carriers definitely possess some impressive features, however, like all other baby carriers, they have their down sides, also. To start with, a lot of wearers would rather have an integrated head rest which they won't need to remember to bring or not to lose. Not all babies are likely to stay in the 8-30lb range for long periods of time, thus the usage of the Belle could possibly be shorter for many families. Another problem that some babywearer's have is the fact that Belle can not be used in hip or back holds and discreet nursing is slightly more difficult than with other carriers on the market. Lastly, the Belle carriers do not hold the baby's legs behind the knees but lets them hang down, which some assert is much less comfortable for the child.

No baby carrier is ideal for every person and every situation. The Belle soft structured buckle carrier is great for energetic parents who would like to hold their little ones close to them while going about their activities. Babies love being close to their parents and receiving an bird's eye view of the world around them, and parents love a straightforward and attractive baby carrier that is designed to go anywhere.

To learn more about Belle Baby Carriers and to purchase one for yourself, stop by has a wonderful selection of the most popular baby carriers on the market, all with low prices and free shipping! Check us out today.

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