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Choosing the Best Baby Swimwear

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 192

For most new parents, few things are more fun than dressing your baby in the cutest outfits and showing her off to friends and family. You probably have big plans with your new little family this summer, too. Trips to the beach and the waterpark and lazy days in the pool await you this summer. That means that it's almost time to pick out baby swimwear.

There's a lot to think about besides the cute factor when it comes to choosing baby swimwear. It's tempting to put that chunky little baby into a teeny baby bikini - what could be cuter? But just like you consider sun protection when you put a hat on to cover your baby's delicate scalp and apply sunscreen to her sensitive skin, you should also be cautious when choosing baby swimwear.

A baby's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's because it's brand new; it's still adjusting to the environment outside of mommy's womb. Also a baby's skin is thinner and loses moisture more easily than an adult's skin. Here are some things to think about when choosing baby swimwear.

Coverage is key. The more skin that is covered, the better. Consider a one piece suit or shorts and a rash guard. Even for girls, swim shorts and a rash guard can be very cute while still protecting that delicate skin. A matching hat completes the look and protects your baby's sensitive scalp and ears. If your baby is walking (or close to it), don't forget sandals to protect his feet from the hot sand or sidewalk. Look for UV protection. Babies can get sunburned even if you apply sunscreen. We need to use a high SPF and reapply frequently, which can be challenging. So the simplest choice is baby swimwear that offers good coverage. A baby's delicate skin can even burn through lightweight summer clothing. So when you're choosing a swimsuit for your little one, look for a suit that offers UV protection that is built right into the fabric. Don't buy big. It's tempting to buy a size up because you know that your growing baby won't be in his current size for long. But a suit that is too big will droop and expose skin. Purchase the size that fits appropriately and consider buying the next size up in addition to the appropriate size if you think it won't last through the summer.

This summer, reserve the cute baby bikini for a photo session. On days when you are actually going to be spending time outside in the hot sun, baby swimwear with UV protection is the best bet for your bundle of joy.

Gorgeous baby swimwear that appeals to the fashion savvy--being sun smart has never looked this good!

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