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Light Jets

February 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 187

Light jets are among the most popular for corporate and private travel, especially in the Las Vegas area. For classification purposes, their passenger load is usually five to eight adults and their range is up to around 1,500 miles.

Some of the most popular light jets include the following:

Learjet 24: With a maximum range of about 1,100 miles and speeds up to 475 mph, the Learjet 24 seats six comfortably. This aircraft was designed to harness the speed and power of jets while operating at the same efficiency levels of as commercial airliners.

Learjet 31A: Seating seven passengers, the Learjet 31A can fly up to 510 mph. It has a range approaching 1565 miles and is viewed as an especially efficient aircraft.

Learjet 35: Business and leisure travelers love this aircraft which comfortably seats up to eight adults. With a cruising speed that can go to 510 mph, the Learjet 35 ranges up to 2,200 miles.

Westwind I: This quick, long range light jet travels mostly non-stop for a reason: its range. It travels up to 450 mph and has a range of 2,100 miles while seating seven.

Westwind II: Built to succeed the Westwind I, the Westwind II boasts interior and exterior enhancements over I. Ranging up to 2,400 miles, the Westwind II seats up to eight passengers and travels at a top speed of 450 mph.

The Citation Bravo: Cessna manufactures the popular line of Citation aircraft. The Bravo files up to 460 mph travelling to a maximum range of about 1,850 miles. Storage and cabin space abound in this economical private jet which was built for short to mid-range trips.

The Citation CJ1: This is one of the smaller light jets. It seats five and goes at a speed of around 430 mph. With a relatively short range of 1,430 miles, the Citation CJ1 has become popular for short range business jet charters because of its reasonable price.

The Citation CJ2: Built to accommodate business travel needs, this aircraft features an increased weight capacity that allows for seating of up to seven adults (instead of five on the CJ1). The range is about 1,800 miles. The maximum speed is 405 mph.

Any of these popular jets will get you where you need to go in speed, comfort and style. Plus, a good aircraft management company can handle the aircraft for you including freelance pilots and crew, aircraft maintenance and scheduling flights.

Norwood McDaniel has traveled to most continents and countries. He manages business aircraft for a variety of clients at his company at You can contact him at to learn about professional aircraft management.

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