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Cessna 210: A Centurion's Need for Speed

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 248

There's no real answer to the question of which aircraft model is the best, because each plane has their unique advantages and disadvantages. Much depends on the preferences of the pilots individually, but one aircraft that would be in the running for the best in regards to speed and cargo/passenger capacity would be the Cessna 210, also known as the Centurion.

Significantly more expensive to own and operate than smaller lightweight aircraft, the Cessna 210 has load capability to match most competitors with elbow room to spare. But speed is the Centurion's strongest attribute, with newer models topping in at cruising speeds of over 190 knots. This plane is one of the fastest single engine aircraft ever built for general aviation. What's even more impressive about the speed of the Cessna 210 is that it can even outrun and overtake many light twin engine aircraft. If you have places to go and need to get there fast, the Cessna 210 Centurion can get you there...and quick!

One has to remember, however, that with great speed comes a great fuel cost. The fastness and load capacity of the Cessna 210 doesn't come cheap. You'll soon discover the Centurion's big engine guzzles lots of high priced gasoline. And with fuel prices rising, this might change your mind about the 210. But what can the price of gas hold up against the need for speed? The extra fuel cost and added maintenance of retractable landing gear may turn some would-be Cessna 210 owners away, but some pilots who love to fly fast say that it's more than worth the extra cost to have a Centurion in their hangar. Another disadvantage, or advantage, depending on how you look at it, is the aircraft's option of being equipped with six seats. While making it possible to carry more passengers along for the flight, the 210's six seats increases insurance costs opposed to four-seaters. But on the other hand, having the extra cargo and passenger space makes the cost-per-seat-mile rates quite reasonable compared with the aircraft which can only hold four persons.

Overall, this plane has definite advantages and disadvantages. And of course, the 210 isn't the right choice for everyone. But if you are drawn to the Centurion's unprecedented speed and proficient load capacity, then the Cessna 210 Centurion might just be the aircraft you have been looking for, the sky is the limit...and let's hit the sky fast!

If your looking for an online resource to help you find your next Cessna Aircraft, please take a look at's aircraft for sale directory listed at Cessna 210 for sale and have fun finding your next Cessna!

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