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Autoresponders! A Must For Any Internet Marketer

March 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 205

The best friend an Internet Marketer can have is his autoresponder. Without it, he or she is doomed to failure. The only way to make money is to promote yourself in order to build your list of subscribers, so that you can use your autoresponder to then advertise whatever product you wish to promote.

For those who don't know what an autoresponder is, it is a piece of software that automatically responds to a request for information from a subscriber and then sends follow-up messages to this subscriber. It is a 24/7 sales operative!

When you sign up online for an ebook, ecourse, "how-to" instruction manual or anything, you will get a reply from an autoresponder. The next day you will get another email and the day after that another and so on.

The autoresponder has been set up with a series of pre-written emails by the owner of the autoresponder. Bear in mind that the average person needs to see an ad about seven times before buying a product, so the owner of the autoresponder is making sure that you see his stuff every day until you buy, sign up etc.

You will need to pay for your autoresponder service. It usually costs a little less than $20 a month, although some charge more, the more sign-ups you have. There are free autoresponders available, but, in general, deliverability is not good and they smack of amateurism. Any serious marketer will avoid free autoresponders like the plague.

The Autoresponder as an Affiliate Program

Because you have to pay for your autoresponder, the person that introduced you to it will receive a commission. That means you can make a living out of your autoresponder by promoting it as an affiliate program. The best autoresponders were reckoned to be Aweber and GetResponse, but more recently they have been joined by a third one, which is, arguably, equally as good as the other two as an autoresponder, but has the added advantage of a ten level payment plan for its affiliates, whereas the others only have one or two levels. This means that you stand to make money out of the efforts of a lot more people.

Therefore, when someone signs up for one of your offers, your emails to him can suggest, several times during the course of your email series, that he joins your particular autoresponder program, along with any other offer you wish to promote.

I'm Alan Rimmington, an Internet Marketer, who is beginning to see an amount of success on the Net and this is mainly down to what I consider to be the very best autoresponder on the market. This subject is discussed further in my "How To Promote You" site.

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