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Continental Tyres Competition: Conti4x4Trophy

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

Continental Tyres have launched what is quite simply an amazing competition. Most company competitions consist of multiple choices where you would have to be under the age of five to struggle with the answer. The idea in most cases is to gather your information for marketing purposes. Conti have taken this competition to a whole new level! The Conti4x4Trophy requires massive participation; you have to sign your team up and then get through all of the stages!

Stage One of the competition is a virtual rally. The idea here is to rack up the most miles; the more miles achieved the greater your chance of getting to the next stage. After the team registration you need to add your profile, this will earn you 125 miles, so not a bad start! However you need to think big if you want to win! So adding a team picture will also gain you a further 50 miles, you will want to dust off your video camera and create a team video in order to add a further 125 miles. Download the speech bubble and put your thoughts over your picture to earn 25 miles. Already you will have racked up 325 miles, so how can you get some more? Well Conti really want you to shout about this and share it with your friends so a like on a Social Networking site such as Facebook, or Twitter and a subscription to Continental tyres TV will earn you 50 miles each! An easy win is to create your own Conti Facebook page and the more of your friends that join the more miles you will be awarded. A weekly quiz via e-mail will also help you rack up these much needed miles, with Conti giving 50 miles a week extra. A weekly code breaker and trophy hunt challenge will also be added to the website allowing a further 100 miles to be earned along the way. If your car tyres need replacing you can add a further 750 miles, only once per team though. However get your friends and family involved, if they buy Continental tyres then you can earn 500 miles each tyre up to 1000 miles. Anyone that you recommend the exciting Conti4x4Trophy to would earn you 50 miles. Conti have really thought this competition through and the more you participate the more chance you have to win the adventure of a lifetime!

Stage Two - at this point 28 teams will be at the qualifying event in Gaydon. This in itself will be a once in a lifetime experience. On a Landrover specially designed course you would take part in a truly awesome 4x4 drive experience day. You will have to work closely with your team if you would like to win as half the teams will be knocked out after this stage. The experience day will finish off with a Moroccan banquet and this will give the top 14 teams a taste of what is to come!

Stage Three - the winners will get the adventure of a lifetime in Morocco. Driving automatic Hummers over some of the worlds toughest terrains. This would be a 4x4 enthusiast's dream come true with stunning views from Atlas mountain and driving across the Sahara desert. Although there is a night camping under the stars in a desert camp, you will be treated to four days of luxury in a four star hotel.

In summary this competition to win an adventure of a lifetime will take a lot more work than most competitions but you really would feel that you won it! Good luck to everybody that enters.

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