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Leon Edward helps others keep their brain healthy, optimizing brain function at any age. He committed himself to optimizing the brain and mind power at conscious and subconscious levels after recovering from a serious neck and head injury from a gunshot at an early age, . With an accredited Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from S.U.N.Y. followed by graduate study at RIT in Management and Applied Statistics, he went on to study cognitive thought processes and the power of the mind. After a successful 25 year career, he shares information on improving the mind freely as tips and the latest breakthroughs in mind power.

Leon Edward helps people improve IQ, focus, memory, concentration, creativity, speed reading, public speaking , time management while reducing stress. Download his IQ Mind Brain Memory Self-Help library at

Leon Edward also helps others achieve personal and professional success, achievement of dreams and goals through subconscious programming, mind control, creative visualization, universal laws, hypnosis . He presents articles, ebooks online, CDs, MP3s and other resources in his Mind Control Roladex at his Subconscious Mind Power informational website.

Leon Edward helps people in Career Development, Finding Employment in a poor economy, Leadership, Goal Setting, Success, Motivation, Self-Improvement, Happiness, Memory Improvement, Stress Reduction and more at

Leon Edward Helps people to start, grow and maximize online business income with training articles, reviews, marketing blog... ideas and opportunities. Download his FREE Report - How to Find A Solid Home Business Opportunity without Getting Scammed! - at

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