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Ed Caldwell has devoted his adult working life to teaching people how to use their brain and mind for greater effectiveness in their work and personal lives. During his undergraduate days he was a struggling student taking him 7 years to complete his Bachelor's degree. Desiring to get more education, he looked at the prospect of graduate school with discontent. Knowing that he had daunting balancing act of working full time and going into graduate studies, he decided to take an intensive 4day course in speed reading. It changed his life.

Mr Caldwell attended Columbia University and graduated Summa Cum Laude. He attributes his success to the techniques he learned and applied to his studies in the psychology of learning and learning strategies. Upon his graduation, he never left his desire to learn about the emergence of neuro-science and the workings of the brain and learning. He began his career in teaching and training taking a part-time job with Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics. He soon became the most sought after instructor and later became the National Director of Instruction and Training. Ed's responsibilities included revamping the curriculum and infusing it with key findings from neuro-science regarding the brain and learning.

Today, Ed Caldwell is president and CEO of Productive Learning Systems, Inc., an Atlanta based corporate training group and he also leads, Inc., a web-based learning site offering online courses and other products for brain/mind development. He has trained tens of thousands of users in his Dynamic Speed Reading Methods.

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