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Mike Lee turns people's ideas into compelling videos. He is an Emmy and Peabody award winning former U.S. tv network correspondent. Mike covered the world for 47 years for ABC (see ABC News Bio), CBS, and other news organizations. Mike Lee has reported from over 40 nations. His global news reporting includes virtually every major news story from Europe, Russia, Middle East, and Africa. Mike has produced human interest feature profiles of people and issue in dozens of locations from the Artic Circle to the South Pacific.

Mike pioneered the one person coverage at ABC News with 'Mike Lee's Road To Anywhere,' Peter Jennings once described Mike's 'Road' series as "...the best way to practice journalism." (watch) His first Road video was the story of the lost natives of Bikini Island, who had been removed from their homeland by the U.S. military for the first Hydrogen bomb tests. They have been homeless ever since. Click here to watch Bikini Island. Mike 'Road To Anywhere' became model for reaching the far corners of the earth and bringing ABC audiences content they would not normally see because it would be too costly to send big teams. Click here to watch selected Road highlights.

Mike Lee has retired as an ABC News staff correspondent, but remains a contributor to ABC News.

1964-65 - Reporter, KHFI TV, Austin

1966-68 - Reporter, WFAA TV News, Dallas

1975 - 1977 - CBS News Middle East Correspondent. Mike received the U.S. Overseas Press Club Award for his coverage of the Civil War in Lebanon. He also received the Sigma Delta Chi Distinguished Service Award for his reporting in Lebanon.

1977-1980 CBS News London Correspondent Mike covered the conflict in Northern Ireland, the British Royal Family, and numerous other stories.

1980 - 2006 ABC News Correspondent (London based, world travelled) Mike Lee was the first network tv news correspondent to travel extensively in Saudi Arabia. He spent an unprecedented six weeks in the Kingdom, filming urban and desert life. His reporting from Saudi Arabia resulted in a three part series on 'World News Tonight,' plus stories for 'Nightline' and '20/20.'

Mike has covered hundreds of stories around the world for ABC News.

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