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My name is Dr. Cathy Cameron and....MY DREAM after more than two decades of adult training and consulting in numerous fields; Business, Information Management, Real Estate Property Management and Software Applications --it was time to branch out from the traditional university classroom lectures. Therefore, I combined my years of education that of a doctoral and masters degree in Business Administration, bachelor degree in Public Administration and certificates in real estate and hospitality management, with my 20+ years of teaching and business experience to design these business seminars and real estate classes.

MY GOAL is to SHARE, TEACH and GIVE BACK to society by not only sharing my knowledge with more people than those students that attend my university classes, but to donate a percentage of the proceeds to an organization that helped my family when we needed it. With all that in mind "Cameron Seminars" was developed to provide a medium in which "what I learned", "what worked for me" and "what others say works for them" into easy to learn seminars on various topics that would help individuals succeed and grow. MY MISSION is to SHARE my educational and experiential knowledge to assist others in obtaining the "American Dream" of SUCCESS!

SONGWRITER: Our trip to Nashville the week of March 29, 2010 provided a great opportunity for me to learn the art of lyrical song writing from some of the greatest songwriters in the industry. A special "Thank you" to Cathy Lemon the owner of The Artist Development Network and my team of songwriters--Sarah Majors; Joe Sins; Jon Conley; C.J. Watson; Karen Staley and David Harper. I sat down with these extremely talented individuals and we wrote 8 songs (I of course assisting with lyrics and the story music talent for me). Four of the creations were produced and published, Fall; Where You Are; Life Gets in the Way; and Just Being Me, which are presently being marketed (pitched) to record labels throughout the music industry. However, the other four songs You Don't Know What's Right (C.J. Watson); Hold My Hand (Karen Staley); My Son (Joe Sins); and Doesn't Sound Like Love to Me(David Harper) are all future projects. All songs are registered with BMI.

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