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F Lee Tomlinson

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Hello. I'm Lee, and I LOVE helping companies crush their competition and make more money by radically improving their customer service.

Creating a brand that promises and delivers great service all day, everyday is tough. But, for those who persist, the rewards are immense and include among others, higher profits, fewer lost customers, lower employee turnover, and a deluge of word of mouth referrals. And, who doesn't want those results.Right?

I am on a mission in life to provide organizations, individuals, and you with the knowledge, processes, and procedures needed to improve your customer service. Together we can, over time, help you master the art and science of LEGENDARY customer service.

If you want to see how I make it easier for your customers to give YOU their money, check out my website and my blog.

Be in touch. I'd love to help you.

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I love flame-broiled chicken. But, my favorite chain continues to disappoint with their customer service. Make sure your business communicates clearly and honestly so you don't offend loyal customers

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