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My name is Nancy Harnell and I'm an online network marketing coach. I tried my luck out years ago with MLM companies such as Tupperware, Avon, and "Home Spun" (home made ornaments). Oddly enough, at the time I actually had no idea these companies were multilevel (lol)! After all, my upline at the time didn't encourage me to build a downline....all I heard was "go book parties with your friends, neighbors and family". My family wasn't that big. But the experiences from years ago did teach me that any money making in these businesses, when not building a downline, is simply "extra change" in my pocket, if that.

Here I am again in the marketing game. "Why after those hard knocks would I try?" you may ask. Well, the sad truth is that these days no one is absolutely secure in their J-O-B (just over broke). And, I'm not even so sure I can count on social security either! And now that I'm older and wiser, I realize that it's not worth my time and effort to be badgering friends and family.

It was my team who taught me the art of "attraction marketing", a method of attracting people into my business to the point where now they chase me, a far cry from me knocking on doors to ask someone if they're interested in Tupperware! "Wow" I thought..."the power of the internet can actually turn those tables around!"

My goal is to help as many network marketers as I can to succeed by teaching the use of more relevant, up-to-date strategies that are more in-line with today's day and age of the internet and technology.

If you are frustrated and tired of spinning around in circles while losing more money than you are making, then let me share my knowledge with you..

If you want to see some results in the next 30-60 days...REAL RESULTS..


I can show you what works...but you've got to work it!!

To Your Prosperity,

~Nancy~ 727-623-0242

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I'm no marketing guru. In fact, I'm a senior citizen working this thing only part time, so I'd like to give you the real truth about how it can help a real person who already has a full time life -

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