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Isabella L Hawke

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I was a stay at home Mom for several years until I went on to study psychology. I found that I had a real fascination for what made people tick and what made them feel great about themselves. Over the years I added to my portfolio of skills and work experience and finally became a Life Coach and director of gonatural Skincare products, a natural and organic skincare company.

I had had enough of paying for natural products that weren't natural at all, ruined my skin and added to the endless list of complaints that I had about my physical health.

At that moment, I had a brainwave, I would make my own range of natural organic products that did not cost the earth and would make a difference. It took me a while but that's what I did.

I am currently in the process of writing a book, on lifestyle management and health. How to get what you want with little money and lots of effort; that's not the title of the book, it's what the book is all about).

Currently I specialise in natural and orgainc skincare products along side being a weight management and Lifestyle Coach.

I love life, life is great and it took a lot of ups and downs to get here. I love what I do and at last I have found something that makes me tick: looking after others.

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Failure is so often thought of as a negative but is it? Many famous and successful people have failled numerous times. As many of them will tell you failure is a necessary step in learning.

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