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A natural mystic... A lifelong student of consciousness, Joel Bruce Wallach is a practical modern mystic who helps you awaken and integrate profound spiritual states via innovative, step-by-step energy awareness methods. Developed through his intuitive, yet pragmatic faculties of inner knowledge, Joel's practical multidimensional methods help you utilize your five senses, in conjunction with your Divine Soul, aligned with Infinite Universal Consciousness.

The value of experiential knowing... Joel believes that you learn most effectively through a step-by-step, experiential approach that brings you direct spiritual knowing: - Centered awareness of your physical, emotional, mental, and divine essence; - Learning to sense your own deep truth; - Intuiting deeper realities while remaining grounded; - Transmuting energy through focused attention.

Powerforms subtle energy tools... From 1988, Joel meditated on developing divine shapes that heal the aura. He put these innovative cosmic proportions into his Powerforms, available since 1991. Powerforms are portable, easy to use, and help you transmute energy blocks, integrate body and soul, and access clearer states of spiritual awareness. They are available from metaphysical distributors around the world.

1982 - 2011 - Spiritual practitioner of soul healing -- As an independent researcher, teacher, and practitioner, Joel's multifaceted approach focused on healing the aura, body-mind-soul centering, soul pattern healing, and direct mystical contact with the Infinite Divine.

2012 - Spiritual instruction for transformation -- Cosmic Living phone conference classes, and home study mp3's help you discover that you can release blocks and limitations, awaken your multidimensional self, and safely activate your natural spiritual and creative capacities. You learn practical multi-sensory skills, and you learn to spiritually see and feel with new depth and profundity. This frees you to access the essence of your own path or faith through your heart, mind, and soul.

Do you know that your multidimensional self is a living energy field? Your multidimensional self includes the body, the aura, the soul, and the universal spark within you. Realize that all of these aspects of yourself are dynamically united by your conscious mind.

Joel teaches you to safely integrate and utilize your many levels of self, so that you can be a catalyst in the world, and ignite new possibilities for yourself and others. Through your own meaningful spiritual experiences, you co-create heaven on earth, as mystics throughout history have demonstrated is possible.

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