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Jasmine E Cianflone

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Hey there! I'm Jasmine Cianflone, Creative Director and Principal Event Coordinator of This Moment Events, LLC. I'm a Jersey girl with a passion for perfectly planned events. I love pretty paper, grosgrain ribbon, craft stores, a good book, and bubbly! I love yoga and stopping to breathe and be present in the moments. I love culture and traditions, and making new memories with my clients. I have a thing for music you can dance to (and I don't mean a little two step, I mean shake it), and I absolutely LOVE to eat. My sorority nickname was Martha Stewart. My joy comes from creating order out of chaos. I'm a mom, and a wife, and my family is my greatest treasure. I believe that everyone can and should have access to the good life. I really love exclamation points and I use them often in communications! I'm a hugger. I have a big heart and I love helping couples create the day they've always envisioned as the first day of their new family's life.

I truly believe that all couples deserve top notch, hands-on professional help with their big day. Planning your wedding is a journey- you grow, you learn a lot about yourself, your family and your fiance. When you're knee deep in ribbon and card stock, sometimes you need help remembering the why of it all. That's why I'm here - to help you bring your vision to life, help you leave your stamp on it, and stay sane in the process. Trust me, it's going to be over in a flash. I'm here to help YOU be present in your moment.

To learn more about planning your authentic wedding, check out our website and sign up for our FREE 10 Day Wedding Planning Bootcamp!

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