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Philip Gurnhill

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Philip Gurnhill is a qualified accountant residing in the UK, he is dedicated to streamlining and automating the payroll services industry to ensure that small; business owners do not spend any more time than they need to administer their monthly payroll.

He has managed payrolls for over 20 years and is considered an expert in his filed, widely published with thought provoking ideas that innovate and challenge the status quo within the payroll industry.

He sees the paperless payroll process as the future and has designed; developed and implemented the processes within his company to ensure this can happen.

Philip has just launched his most recent payroll company named Indigo Payroll Services, which is growing at an enormous rate and specialises in payroll services for small and medium sized businesses, Director only limited companies, together with payroll services for firms of accountants. The service is provided to clients nationwide throughout the UK.

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