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Bellaisa Filippis

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Bellaisa has an intuitive side when it comes to relationships. Her website was brought about to help steer people down the road to happiness and joy. Her goal is to see everyone in happy and stable relationships. Through experience and research she hopes to give the best possible information on her websites to do so.

Writing has always been, and always will be, a passion for her. Since the elementary days of writing in her diary to the college days of writing essays just for the hell of it - she has always enjoyed using her imagination and research skills to write.

Her husband and her live in a quiet town in Alberta, Canada. He's an accountant by day and investor by night. With his passion for environmentally friendly living and her passion for love and peace, they make a excellent couple that get to put their passions to good use.

They own three dogs and have no children and have opted to keep it that way regardless of any disappointment they will cause.

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