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Cats are known to be extremely smart, whether they want us to know it or not. Everybody knows that a feline's amazing abilities include being able to walk on tiny surfaces, run fast, and land on

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

Black cats are a misunderstood type of feline that is often feared by people because of the reputation that they bring bad luck. Although black cats have a bad reputation in society today, it has not

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

Cat Island definitely sounds like a fairy tale land, but it is actually a real island off of the coast of Japan. Cat Island, or Tashirojima Island as it is referred to in Japan, is an island that has

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

Cat sanctuaries are located all over the world, and are often thought to be an average building to house feral and stray cats. However, there are several unique and interesting cat sanctuaries

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

Every city has a go-to coffee shop or cafe where residents of the area can feel at home. These cafes tend to offer customers a relaxing atmosphere, delicious food and drink, and even free internet.

Pets> Cats l 2 years ago

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