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Hi there,My name is Martin Boyle and i have became involved in getting the word around to the masses regarding the way nature intended you to heal your body,without the side effects that come with almost,"all" over the counter and perscription drugs. I became involved after listening to an American guy on TV., this guy changed my whole attitude to my own Health And Fitness ,where once i would go to the local surgery for a course of antibiotics to heal a cold or flu. I now never go. I now rely on natures way of healing. Here's a story i want to share with you,and i know alot of you will relate to it. My Alsation dog ROCKY was always wanting to chase the ball. This day there was ROCKY hovering over the ball in the yard, i ran up to it and gave the ball an almighty kick,little did i know the ball was resting up against a block paviour which had worked loose and was pertruding by two inches. As i followed through with my foot i thougth i had shattered every bone in my leg. I never went to the doctors as i couldn't afford to stop off work.After two years i was still getting pains in my leg,the only way i could get any pain relief was through elevating my leg. At times i would have a limp, and this particular day this chap asked me why i was limping. After telling him he asked me to sit on a bench which was near by, and then clasped his hands around my ankle,this is where the majority of pain was coming from. After twenty minutes, the pain had subsided tremendously. He then asked if he could see me the following day .This i agreed too. Now! after twelve years i'm still pain free and it didn't cost me a penny,he cured me for nothing. This person was a faith healer. Prior to our meeting, if anybody had asked me to go and see a faith healer i would have told them where to get off. There is one thing i have learned through this chapter in my life and that is "never knock something you haven't tried". This is the next step in my life, learning about the SECRET of the mind....GOD BLESS.

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