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Mark A T Ramotowski

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I joined this site as i believe in the free access to knowledge. Knowledge that i have gained studying at Oxford University. I decided that rather than leaving my essays stored on my computer i would present them to the world in the hope that even one person can read and improve their knowledge on the topics i have written and slaved away at. I hope you enjoy my essays as I have put a lot of time into them and feel that they are worth reading.

I also have a keen interest in alternative natural remedies to common ailments. Nutrition is a large part of my course and the projects I am currently undertaking aim to discover the underlying compounds to which enable simple everyday items to affect our adipose and epidermal composition.

The essays are of different standards. Some that were written in preparation for my exams, others that were marked by my tutors.

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The biochemical adaptions of plants to the environment. How plants respond to drought stress and salinity and the limitations of our knowledge on this process.

Reference & Education> Biology l 2 years ago

The role of Carbon and Nitrogen and their impact upon the growth of plants. This article subtends into the function equilibrium between the root and shoot as a consequence of the availability of

Reference & Education> Biology l 2 years ago

The underlying biomechanics of bumblebee flight. This article delves into the misbelief of the fundamentals of the topic whilst explaining how bumblebees, like all small insects fly. It isn't

Reference & Education> Biology l 2 years ago

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