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Alan Stratton

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With today's internet tools and communication possibilities, Alan Stratton CPA CMA brings the benefit of his cost management and computer systems expertise to smaller companies. These smaller companies often lack dedicated staff & resources but need overhead cost management more than large companies. Via coaching, tools, and resources over the internet, any company can have effective cost management and produce better profits. Clients develop cost skills in their own organization where it belongs, without the expense of on site consulting.

Alan has been working in the cost management and computer systems for over 35 years, serving in positions from Cost Analyst to Controller and then to Consultant. In this process, he has worked for several large companies such as GTE, General Instrument, Atari, National Semiconductor, ABC Technologies, and SAS Institute. In addition, he has consulted with many companies in sectors from high tech to banking to distribution to software giving them the tools to manage overhead costs for better decisions and ultimately better profits.

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