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Dave S B Hughes

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I've been involved in workplace safety in one way or another for more than 40 years and been working full time as a safety professional (whatever that means) for more than 25 of those.

During those 25 years or so I've worked for government in both a policy setting role as well as a safety adviser and for private companies ending up as the safety manager for a water utility company.

It's been an interesting and sometimes frustrating journey but I've learned a lot from a lot of interesting people. I don't think I've ever met someone who hasn't had something to teach me.

This field is a fascinating area to work. It's always changing and there are new challenges and new things to experience every day.

Now I'm working as a contractor for hire and looking at setting up my own consultancy. I've managed to fumble around and get a website / blog up and running in which I share my "pearls of wisdom" LOL. But it does contain some materials that people find interesting and I'll keep adding to it. See the address in my author's resource box and feel free to visit and leave a comment even if it's only about how the site looks to you - all suggestions for improvement are welcome but remember, I'm a newbie so please be gentle.

I hope you like my articles and that they provide you with something useful or enjoyable.

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