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Creative, passionate & loyal person with an enormous love for family, friends, nature & helping others. Zurieka loves healthy living, eating well, travelling worldwide, interacting with different cultures, enjoying quality time & mobility. Zurieka is interested in living ecologically & sustainably. Zurieka loves keeping fit with pilates & enjoys outdoor activities. An avid reader & book enthusiast! Zurieka is keen in inspiring and empowering individuals and entrepreneurs to live a life by design working from anywhere in the world!

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International bestselling author, David Bach, reveals the 9 steps to achieving financial security and funding your dreams in his book, Smart Women Finish Rich. This personal finance book has updated

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New York Times bestselling author Timothy Ferriss, introduces his book "The 4-Hour Work Week". He describes just how to live a life by design incorporating the mobile lifestyle. He appeals to the

Book Reviews> Lifestyle l 3 years ago

Simon Sinek teaches leaders and organisations to inspire people. He came up with a strategic concept known as The Golden Circle and the power of WHY. He has taught members of Congress to foreign

Book Reviews> Psychology l 3 years ago

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