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Beth McCain is a positive thought author and counselor but she has many other titles as well. She likes to say that she is a jack of all trades. She loves to write about her quirky family who provide loads of laughs, tears, and love. She has a multi generational household which consists of her eighty four year old father who tells the lamest of jokes, her eighty year old mother who has a sharp wit tongue, a husband who puts up with all the shenanigans and has a heart of gold, a daughter who is studying to be a German professor, and her teenager who is a teen in every sense of the world. Beth's therapy is writing all about her family through humor and love. She writes 'My Imperfectly Perfect Life' fan page on Facebook with new daily posts about all that goes on through her eyes.

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Mom and her wives' tales. I still can't believe how many I believed until I became older but she still believes matter what.

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Some of the mom-isms that I grew up with are still in my household. Why? Because my eighty year old mother lives with me and I hear them on a daily basis. She keeps me laughing that is for sure. Here

Arts & Entertainment> Humor l 2 years ago

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