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Bonnie Dell C Doguiles

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Bonnie Dell is a registered nurse with a Masters degree who is passionate about writing informative articles on various niches. She integrates her academic teaching profession in a University Nursing School in her health-related articles. She similarly has a passion about business and web development and writes content for several websites like Frozen Lemons, an Amsterdam-based company naming site.

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Many entrepreneurs have set their focus on creating and establishing a brand for their businesses. They want people to know they exist, where they are and what their company offers. To attain this,

Business > Branding l 2 years ago

One of the most uncertain periods for any business is the time when it had just started - its start-up phase. During the first year of your business, you can most likely tell if it is doing well

Business > Strategic Planning l 2 years ago

Viral advertising and viral marketing have been universal catchwords in recent years. These all-pervasive expressions have infiltrated the collective soul of the world of entrepreneurs. And now it

Internet Businesses> Site Promotion l 2 years ago

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