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Paul Baker

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As a specialist in business development performing Change Management strategies in small and medium businesses across Australia I now provide my experience as a Small Business Advisor to help other business owners achieve results faster.

Focusing on my consumer behaviour and marketing research skills I am able to develop your business strategic plans in a customer-centric focus style.

Imagine having your own Business Advisor support to grow your business healthy & strong within just a few weeks: well thats what I provide to my clients. Support and advice when they need it.

What you dont know CAN hurt your business

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Running a business or an organisation involves risks with even the common daily activities. Most risk managers in organisations focus only on the risks involved in safety systems to avoid being fined

Business > Risk Management l 2 years ago

Marketing your business using mailing lists can be a very cost effective way to advertise. The problem comes in the low level of responses from the targeted mailing list each time it is used. There

Business > Marketing Direct l 2 years ago

It seems that everytime I turn around I see a new advert promoting some new age medical treatment promising to fix whatever you have. The problem with new age treatments is when you run a business

Health & Fitness> Alternative l 2 years ago

Every tattoo has a meaning and it is wise to find out what yours means before permanently adding it to your lifestory. People get tattoos because they often represent something deep and personal

Arts & Entertainment> Tattoos l 2 years ago

One of the best ways to teach people is through the use of roleplaying scenarios. I don't mean the bad roleplaying you see in some training workshops as adult students struggle to get comfortable

Articles Categories> Gaming l 2 years ago

Your organisation has spent a large amount of money to develop the latest strategic plan and set your company goals. So how do you keep your organisational goal in everyone's mind at all times? It

Business > Strategic Planning l 2 years ago

How do you put a price on words? Working out a fair price for a consulting fee is exactly this type of challenge. As a client you are used to being able to touch what you buy, but pricing something

Business > Consulting l 2 years ago

Do you ever wonder what useful knowledge your employees have about your organisation and how it could be improved? All your employees build extensive working knowledge of your processes and develop

Business > Consulting l 2 years ago

Eventually finding your dusty copy of the business plan one year later, you wonder how close did you come to achieving what you originally planned. Every year you should analyse your business plan to

Business > Consulting l 2 years ago

Business is competition. Every business is competing for their share of the customers wallet and yours needs every competitive advantage it can get. Developing your own competitive advantage is easy

Business > Consulting l 2 years ago

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