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Trudy-Ann Ewan

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Trudy-Ann Ewan is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Certified Life Coach, who is passionate about helping individuals create their passionate life. She motivates and educates individuals on how to fall in love with themselves and create a balanced and (w)holistic life by developing a better relationship with themselves without judgment. Download a free sample copy of her new E-Book "Unleashing Your Passionate Self - Discover the YOU Within" when you sign up for the free Create Your Passion Monthly Newsletter. Along with her Motivational Speaking and Coaching practice, she is also an Amateur Latin Ballroom Dancer, Travel Photographer and is the Founder and Executive Director of the "We Stand Together Foundation", a small nonprofit organization that works with women and children of the indigent communities of Brazil. Trudy-Ann Ewan has a Bachelors of Arts in Communication, Public & Professional Studies from Pace University and has studied International Relations at the Masters Level at the City College of New York. She currently shares her time between New York City and Brazil.

Trudy-Ann Ewan is currently living and creating her passion in New York City.

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Developing and having a balance between our work and our personal life is important. Our personal life is far more important than our work life. Many may disagree with that statement, but we work so

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Maintaining relationships with another person is oftentimes difficult when you have failed to deal with your own issues. It is easier to blame others for the issues they bring into your lives rather

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