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Patricia Ducharme

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I am a Registered Nurse, certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and level 1 Pecussive Suggestion Technique practitioner. I also use Rapid Eye Technology and traditional EFT in my private practice helping people experience the life they want to live by clearing the blocks that keep them from doing so. Previous to starting my private practice, I lived and worked at the Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland where I began learning and using alternative healing modalities. After returning to the US with my family, I did hospital nursing for 17 years and continued to increase my knowledge and awareness, always searching for the best, most workable ways in which to help clear difficult patterns and perceptions.

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Simply put, stress comes from perception. Stress only exists because we perceive something to be more than we can handle.

Health & Fitness> Emotional Freedom Tips l 2 years ago

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