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Lee Xi Wen aspires to be the World Champion of Public Speaking. He is a 5 times consecutive Public Speaking National Finalist. He dedicates a large amount of his time to learn as much as possible, from top speakers around the world, attending seminars and workshop while getting mentored by top class professionals. He is passionate about public speaking, persuasive communication and stand-up comedy.

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High Blood Pressure is a chronic medical condition in which the systemic arterial blood pressures are elevated. About 90% suffers from the essential hypertension. One is diagnosed with this problem

Health & Fitness> Heart Disease l 2 years ago

Patients with Coronary Heart Disease can live normal lives. The key is based on the rational use of medication and self-conditioning in daily living. Patients should refrain from being angry, overly

Health & Fitness> Heart Disease l 3 years ago

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