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Conor J Doherty

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I'm a certified athletic trainer with Canadian Fitness Professionals. I also coach high school soccer and love sports like hockey and basketball. I teach at an elementary school and love to write in my spare time when I'm not training athletes or myself.

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Speed is a game changer in sports. If you're looking to become an athlete that gets noticed, then having break-neck speed is a must. Read on to discover tips on how to improve speed in all sports.

Health & Fitness> Personal Training l 2 years ago

The bench press is where you earn your 'man card' in the gym. Use these tips to increase your bench to where you never thought possible.

Health & Fitness> Build Muscle l 2 years ago

Years ago, just after finishing high school, my goal was to play university basketball. At that point in my life, everything came pretty easy in regards to sports.

Health & Fitness> Build Muscle l 2 years ago

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