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Krystalina Soash

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Krystalina Soash has always been intrigued by human behavior and therefore pursued and earned a Bachelor's degree in psychology with honors. She is currently a published author, writer, and trilingual interpreter.

Her published works include, "Your Positive Potential: Action Steps for Self-Empowerment" and "Writing Tips for Student Projects and New Freelance Writers".

Krystalina is passionate about writing, living a fulfilling life, and believes everyone has something important to write about. She lives with her family in Minnesota.

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Busy, Busy, Busy... But, please make a little time to be good to yourself, even if it's just 15 -20 minutes a day. Don't allow your busy schedule to dictate ill-health for you.

Health & Fitness> Meditation l 2 years ago

As a passenger, I had to do my best to contain myself and keep quiet for 40 minutes. That was hard, but with paper and pen I wrote my questions for this person, unbeknownst to him, he was about to

Self Improvement> Anger Management l 2 years ago

Have you read an email, magazine article, or newspaper recently that was grammatically incorrect in the use of the words: "two", "to", and "too"? Unfortunately it appears to be happening more

Reference & Education> Languages l 2 years ago

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