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Gino Berno

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Authority website developer and internet publisher. Over forty years of technology experience. Participated in website development for sixteen plus years. Publish numerous articles in varied fields of interest; independently researched and originally written, with a very unique and insightful point of view. Current and timely knowledge of revenue producing methodologies. Provide consulting, directional advice and assistance services.

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Well, you have chosen to follow a low carb weight loss program. In fact, it has been so successful that it has become a lifestyle. You are exercising more, eating less processed foods and monitoring

Health & Fitness> Weight Loss l 2 years ago

The Paleolithic Diet, at its face, is based on the dietary habits of our ancestors. Think about it. They didn't have access to most grains and processed foods were still 2 million years in the

Health & Fitness> Weight Loss l 2 years ago

Think your dog is smart because it can retrieve a stick or bury a bone? Think again. Behavioral studies have determined that the process of establishing the intelligence of a particular breed is much

Pets> Dogs l 2 years ago

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