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Craig Brolin

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Craig is a gaming enthusiast as well as a freelance journalist. In his spare time he enjoys writing about all sorts of gaming products.

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Various consoles are often thrown into bundles with games and DVDs or Blu Rays. Everyone enjoys saving money from a purchase and through a bundle, the shopper often makes savings from buying in bulk.

Gaming> Console Systems l 2 years ago

The latest in handheld technology, known as the PS Vita, was released in February 2012 and has had a big impact on the way we play our handheld devices. It is by far the most powerful and impressive

Gaming> Console Systems l 2 years ago

Our current generation's consoles are surely nearing the end of their reign. This year the Xbox 360 will be celebrating its 7th year anniversary, and the PS3 and Nintendo Wii, their 6th.

Gaming> Console Systems l 2 years ago

While the Nintendo Wii gaming system is adequate right out of the box, there are many Wii accessories. These are available to enhance the level of play and gaming.

Gaming> Console Systems l 2 years ago

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