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Having an interest in playing computer games led me to wanting a games console. I have the skills to repair them so I had a way of getting a games console cheap. I bought a dead one and electronically breathed some life into it.

Stuck on an particularly tricky Xbox problem I bought a guide thinking that it should make my problem real easy - was I wrong - I was appalled at how badly it was written and the claims made about support were almost lies. So I bought another thinking it was a one off.

Now I think there's too many dodgy game fixes on YouTube and in so called guides out there. What I see is a lot of video game repairs that are plainly a stroke of luck, a hit and miss repair. These so called "clever tricks" are not clever at all. Many of them are easily able to do more damaged to the unit than fix it. Some of them can actually be a danger to the person performing them.

I teach people about technology and have done for years. I read a lot of educational material and with 35 years of technical hands on experience I can spot a badly written technical manual a mile away. After finding some good manuals and support that is real and helpful I wanted to tell people about them.

Anyway I find good manuals and sites and let people know about them.

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