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David Deighton is an expert in original antique prints, old maps and original works of art on paper in business since 2000 exhibiting thousands of authentic works of art at antique shows and art fairs. His expertise ranges from the earliest Western prints starting in the 1450s until today with modern art. A very broad field in which he applies his training as a historian and artist. David and his partner and wife of over 15 years have traveled to over 60 countries, were raised in Europe and now live in the USA. The curious, the collector and the interior designer all congregate to dig through the immense collection of works he has available at trade shows or on his website. Visit our website for our show schedule or to shop our online inventory.

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If you like old maps then you need to you learn about antique map reproductions. Reproductions of old maps have become very popular. They can be seen copied onto fabrics for pillows, coffee mugs,

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Very popular antique maps are fetching very high prices at the auction block, because of this many forgeries have appeared as well as numerous copies of these maps. Map reproductions are not worth

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Antique map forgeries are very realistic copies of original old maps that attempt to fool a person into believing they are looking at an original. The skills necessary to create such a forgery are

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What is Round Top Texas Antique Week? Where is Round Top? In this article you will learn the essential facts about Round Top.

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