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Hi, I'm David Moloney, the writer at I am passionate about helping small business owners super charge their business. Being a small business owner and a consultant to other small business owners, I see a lot of preventable mistakes that cost sales and time. If you want to take control of your small business and ensure it's competing to the best of its ability, check out my advice at

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All types of websites are prone to hacking. Even your own email address is prone to hacking at any point in time. For as long as there is a site that could be hacked and information that could be

Internet Businesses> Security l 2 years ago

Video calling is a technological advancement that has made communication way easier for many people. In this way, you get to speak with a person from a hundred or so miles away through the Internet.

Business > Workplace Communication l 2 years ago

A fax machine can be considered as a mix of a telephone and a mailing system. You can use the phone line attached to it in communicating with partners, clients and suppliers. The actual fax, on the

Communications> Fax l 2 years ago

Your basic knowledge of capital, in terms of business, is that it is the seed of any negotiations. It is the fund used for you to start the wheel of money that your business would run through. You

Business > Venture Capital l 2 years ago

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