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Ruth Kulerman

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Retired as Professor of Eng. Lit to follow a delayed dream of acting. For 20 years was wildly successful (79 reviews including 4 in NY Times). Then began coaching. To see my website just google my name or send an email and I will send you a link ( My emphasis is on British Acting Technique, really quite different from American training. Acting was a passion and coaching is almost as good. My rescue Maine Coon cat Callie greets all students, sits in on the lesson (his own chair) occasionally, and has an uncanny sense of when an hour is up since he often comes to say goodbye. If you have friends of any age who would like to try acting, have them contact me via email (see link on webpages). USA and UK dual citizen. Raised in rural backwoods South.

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Energy is one of the most basic requirements for being a successful actor. Here we explore what acting energy is and how to get it.

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