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Michael Pickett

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In addition to writing a monthly music review for Washington state's North Columbia Monthly, Michael is also a recording and performing artist.

"I'm a schizophrenic artist, without a doubt" Pickett explains. "While most of my work is guitar-driven rock and pop taking its cues from the best sounds of the 80's, I grew up in a musically diverse environment."

Influenced by everything from Rush and Van Halen to Zappa, Gustav Mahler and the big sounds of 80's rock, Pickett's career as a performing and recording artist began still in his teens in Alaska. Coming from a musical family, he performed upright bass in classical ensembles while recording and performing in his high-school band, The Freeze. Winning multiple creative awards while still in high school, including the Bank of America Achievement Award, Michael felt a musical calling as he made his way toward the musical mecca of Los Angeles.

After meeting the late Maynard Ferguson, Michael truly found daunting opportunities while backing stellar members of the Benny Goodman orchestra and as a sideman to reggae singer Leaford Henderson while still in college.

All the while, imaginative hard rock was brewing just under the surface, and Michael started to explore the possibilities of the recording studio like a painter layering colors on a canvas. By the mid 90s, Michael was creating lo-fi masterpieces like 'Big Open Land' and then later the hard rock CD 'Millennium Overdrive' (MO) album, which opened up opportunities to place music in independent film and multimedia.

Expanding out into ambient electronica, Michael began to create unique music for film and tv, using massive sheets of sound to create the upcoming album 'Icemine Firelight', with pieces like 'Sailing the Ancient Seas' creating underscore for the indie sci-fi film 'Frakie Died' and 'Abyssal' giving dark, unsettling depth to the controversial Sundance hit, 'The Paralyzing Agent'.

Michael now lives in Washington state, creating a music library for tv and film and performing 80 dates a year withe the band, Firecreek. Multiple albums are in the works, and finding time to complete each disc proves to be a daunting but eventual task as Michael takes on new, guitar-driven electrica via the upcoming CD 'Guitarrrrs!' which is still in the works.

As of this writing (2010) the 'Soft', 'Schizophonic' and 'Megapack 2010' compilations are complete and road-ready, as four more albums are in progress, keeping with the 'schizophrenic' nature of Michael's muse.

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