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Jamie P. Johnson

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James, a former designer and website developer is now a Marketing Consultant and Search Engine Optimisation specialist servicing companies across the globe.

With a broad range of interests he is always writing about something or helping others to do so, usually in one of the following topics:

- Website Design, Print Design, Brand Management - Business Development - Technology - Search Engine Optimisation - Direct Mail & Mass communication Campaigns - Targeted B2B Marketing - New Product Promotion - Psychology - Nutrition and Well Being - Health and Beauty

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There are many different kinds of eating disorders. They include; Anorexia, Nervosa, Bulimia and Binge-eating disorder. In addition to these, there are also people who do not exactly fit into any

Health & Fitness> Eating Disorders l 2 years ago

Wanting to be with someone other than your partner is natural, but giving in to the desire and cheating on them means that the relationship is just not important enough anymore, for love is all about

Relationships> Affairs l 2 years ago

Today's pop culture has relegated the role of the father as a sideline figure. He has become a man who merely observes the family matters and hardly ever makes a semi-inspirational conversation. This

Home & Family> Fatherhood l 2 years ago

Becoming a mother is a heavenly experience but it can be really exhausting too. Mothers all over the world complain about not getting enough time for themselves.

Home & Family> Motherhood l 2 years ago

In this article I am going to present some tips for all single mothers to make their life less hectic and better managed. 1. Set Your Priorities: Pick out the top five most important things from your

Home & Family> Motherhood l 2 years ago

Go through your repertoire of friends. Take a quick look. Now describe a few. When asked to do this, more often than not you'll describe them in how they are as a friend to you and classify them

Relationships> Friendship l 2 years ago

Sometimes it gets really complicated when it comes to friends belonging to the opposite sex. The hardest part is that you never know what's going on in their head. You can deny it all you want but

Relationships> Friendship l 2 years ago

Long distance relationships may be becoming common, but anyone who has ever been in one will vouch for the fact that it is no piece of cake. A simple relationship takes effort to run smoothly; and

Relationships> Long Distance l 3 years ago

While the common adage clearly states that distance is good for love, for it makes hearts grow fonder, people who are struggling to make long distance relationships work beg to differ. Distance can

Relationships> Long Distance l 3 years ago

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