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James Dazouloute

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Dr. James Dazouloute Has Been Involved In Helping Families For Over 12 Years With All Their Life Events Situation. He Started Out Investing Heavily In Real Estate By Providing Housing First To Low Income Families, And Then To The General Pubilc. He Then Went On To Teach, Educate And Inspire Others As A National Leader, Educator, Counselor And Activist. Working To Fight Injustice, Ignorance And Poverty In All Forms. Especially Poverty Of The Mind, In Not Being Enlightened. He Is A Serial Entrepreneur, He Loves Business, Self Development And Have Had A Life - long Fascination With Spirituality And Technology. His Mission Is To Empower Individuals And Families Not To Be Living In Lack Of Anything, But To Truly Empower Them To Become Legally Aware, Uphold Human Rights And Dignities, As Well As being Prosperous In ALL Areas. He Holds A PHD And A Doctorate Degrees In 2 Fields. Visit All His SITES Below Doe More Help:

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