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Jay Rogers

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I want to educate government employees on the likelihood of their government pension crashing in just a few short years. More than anything I want all government employees to be aware that relying on a government pension to support them when retired is a very unwise choice. However, there are many ways to protect your retirement funds from this impending crash nationwide. I can show you many options to supplement your retirement and protect your current pension money in unique ways.

I am happily married with two children and am active in the their youth sports teams. Riding mountain bikes, golfing, and running in mudder races are my sports hobbies .

I hope government employees take the time to listen to my messages before they are told that their pension is not able to support them now or in the future. I feel there is time to protect one's pension and retirement assets before the pension crisis hits.

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The Connecticut Government is currently attacking its teachers' pensions the same way zombies attack. Voodoo economics is coming back and the Connecticut teachers are its latest victims. Don't allow

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