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Heather Richards

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Heather has been in a small business for herself for over 25 years now and understands many of the pros and cons to working for yourself, employing staff and the importance of customer service and marketing. Heather has now built herself an informative and reliable team of consultants on a variety of subjects dealing with business, women and many off shoots from these topics. Heather also realises when working for yourself how important it is to remain healthy, in fact regardless of who you work for or what you do in life, without health, the rest of your life can be difficult to cope with, so Heather has also done alot of research into staying Healthy. Heather has an extremely wide range of interests and she hopes you will become interested in her wide subject range of articles.

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Pet friendly accommodations in Tasmania have emerged in response to the demand from a number of pet owners who actually choose to spend their holidays on this island state. Many would wonder why but

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