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Kevin Pola

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I was born in Perth, Western Australia, December 24 1950. I, along with my twin brother was the youngest of 5 boys. At age 8 my parents separated and my twin brother and myself moved to Canberra with my mother. I finished primary and secondary school then served an apprenticeship as a Motor Mechanic. Shortly after I qualified as a mechanic I travelled back to Perth to find my brothers, I had not heard from since leaving Perth 15 years before. After the reunion and 6 months of getting to know my family again I returned to Canberra, married and had 2 children, girl and a boy. I continued working in the motor trade where I eventually became an Area Manager with a Motoring Company called National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA). I spent 15 year in the position until tragedy struck when my wife passed away after a year long battle with a brain tumour.At that time I had a third son who was only 4 year old which made it impossible to put in the time necessary to manage the workload in my position with the NRMA. I was offered a voluntarily redundantly and accepted. I decided to Move to Thailand to be close to my brothers and did so with my youngest son in January 2006, I lived in city name Khon Kaen North East of Thailand where my son attended and international school, I met and married a Thai woman and we established rubber plantations. We were very happy until I ran into financial problem and my Thai wife decided she wanted more, increasing we disagreed and fought until we separated. I moved to Malaysia and filed for divorce. We are now going through the court process to settle our assets. I became interested in fitness many years ago at age 28 when I was visiting friends who were working out in their home gym. I tried working out on the gym and returned for more session, the feeling was addictive and I was hooked.

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