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Sylvia Behnish has published her first non-fiction novel entitled "Rollercoaster Ride With Brain Injury (For Loved Ones)". Her book has been written for those family members who are trying to cope with the devastating impact of brain injury in their lives. It is also written with the hope that it will help those who are going through a similar tragedy to realize they are not alone. The story chronicles the difficult first year following a brain injury. She has also published her first fiction book entitled "His Sins", a three generation family saga. Both books can be ordered from the above sites. She has had numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines in both Canada and the United States on subjects relating to family issues, brain injuries, motivational topics and travel.

Sylvia has a very busy lifestyle which includes her large family, writing, photography, gardening, reading and exploring her beautiful province of British Columbia.

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In several countries, the U.S., Canada and the U.K. being among them, people over one hundred years are the fastest growing segment in the population. Why are there now more people living to one

Home & Family> Elder Care l 2 years ago

Snowbird grandparents are becoming increasingly common. They migrate south for the winter, happily anticipating building new nests and settling in for the six month interim. Does it have an affect on

Home & Family> Grandparenting l 2 years ago

The parents may be around but are unable to parent or they may not be. Either way, parenting your grandchildren is not like parenting your own children, it's a whole different ball game.

Home & Family> Grandparenting l 2 years ago

Spending time with teenage grandchildren is completely different than time spent with younger grandchildren. Although what they like to do is different, they still want to be involved with their

Home & Family> Grandparenting l 2 years ago

Doing things with your grandchildren are what memories are made of; sharing smiles and laughter, and perhaps even a few tears. It is an opportunity to be a child again too.

Home & Family> Grandparenting l 2 years ago

There are grandparents who see their grandchildren regularly, those who are long distant ones, others who are caregivers to their grandchildren and those who have almost no access to them because of

Home & Family> Grandparenting l 2 years ago

We don't have to go far in our search for the fountain of youth. It is within our reach if instead of thinking of ourselves as old, we think of ourselves as forever young by living life accordingly.

Home & Family> Baby Boomer l 2 years ago

Blended families don't have to be the Cinderella type of family but they're not likely to be the Brady Bunch either. At least, certainly not in the beginning and maybe not even after several years of

Home & Family> Step Parenting l 3 years ago

Stepchildren and second marriages do not automatically go together like cake and ice cream at a birthday party. It can be more like the frustration of running out of gas when you're twenty minutes

Home & Family> Step Parenting l 3 years ago

Bonding with stepchildren is not easy. The child should set the pace - give him/her time and be patient. It's important not to rush them. But there are still many things a step-parent can do to bond

Home & Family> Step Parenting l 3 years ago

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