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Chuck Flick broke into the business writing a blog called Slots-Systems, which debunked scam artists who claim they can teach people to win at slots. This blog was cited by the Casino City Times for its content. Chuck then wrote for a nice little American football website called Football Babble, which covered everything from the rules of the game, to NFL history, to the history of cheerleaders in football, and even giving bios on the many NFL and college mascots. This website was mentioned by the official New York Times sport blog.

Since that time, Chuck has written on advice sites like Ask Deb and various other how-to sites. Giving people suggestions to make their lives easier has become an increasing focus of Chuck Flick's online life. With the lousy economy, people seem preoccupied with personal finance, and so is Chuck. That's what I'm writing about now.

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This article teaches role-players, especially game master, how to spot tactics cheaters use to fudge on their die rolls. You might think that lying about your RPG dice rolls is scraping the bottom of

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