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My name is Mike Nardine. I live in Duluth, Minnesota with my wife of many years, Patricia, and our Jack Russell Terrier, Chloe. I take great pleasure in buying and selling domain names, hosting web sites, and writing articles on what I've learned from these ventures. The name of my website, CheapMikesDomains.Com, reflects both my appreciation for the magic of domain names and a tendency to look for good deals. I've bought, sold and repaired computers and other electronic consumer goods, but my passion remains the written word. While in the army I had articles published in the Stars and Stripes (far-east edition) and I've had short-stories and articles published in a number of magazines. I wrote book and play reviews along with news articles for a local alternative paper. I have several novels on the e-market. I'm a firm believer that while videos abound on the web, the written word remains King! Questions? Complaints? Email me at Mike@CheapMikesDomains.Com

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No matter how hard the Internet tries to do the right thing, spammers are always there to be sure that perfection is always out of reach. Nor is all spam created equal.

Internet Businesses> Spam Blocker l 3 years ago

This book grows on you. I originally purchased it to find out something about mashups. I'd come across the term before and hadn't been satisfied with the explanations I'd found. This book at once did

Book Reviews> Internet l 5 years ago

This is a fine book for someone who wants to learn more about the Internet but doesn't want to get bogged down in the technical morass. Author Bell doesn't torment us estimating kilobytes or

Book Reviews> Internet l 5 years ago

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