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am the owner and part time operator of a very large hobby store that has been in business for 37 years. I own the two story building that the store sits in. The store has had an active website since 1997 but I am just starting to learn about SEO and writing articles. I so enjoy working on our website. I have been married for 25 years to a man 14 years younger than myself. From my former marriage I have three children and 2 grandchildren. And my husband brings into the mix 2 children and two grandchildren. I love to travel and have been to lots of countries. Going by small ship is a passion of mine. Have been to the Galapagos, whale watched and my most favorite vacation is riding around the midwest of the USA with a tour group tornado chasing! Yes love it! Have seen many tornadoes, have had car windshields broken by hail and seen some real wonderful cloud and lightning formations. Never went to college but love reading. Especially science fiction and fantasy. My husband and I are sort of "intellectual snobs". We do not like network tv...but watch the science and history channels. But that does'nt stop us from watching the police videos or Mythbusters.

Our store is in a pretty wealthy area and we are about an hour from NYC. That means we get into the city to see shows or go to any of the areas theatres. Our local theatres boast some great acts.

Have just started "auditing" classes at my local college. Do not have a photo at the moment. My photo on Facebook is one of a tornado we saw three years ago. And I do not use Facebook that much. I am busy working in my store, taking care of our website (we have over 8,000 items for sale on it) being with our children etc and etc. Would love to be able to chat with any of you on any subject.

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